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Affordable mobile app development in India

Looking for an for affordable mobile app development for leveraging growth? With the launch of 5G networks, every business from different industries are aspiring implement mobile technologies to help optimize conversion rate. Cybergys is one of the leading mobile app development company in Kolkata, India, designing successful mobile applications for big to small enterprises.

With our affordable mobile app development, our clients receive the finished product with the following features:

  • Implementation of latest technologies to enhance functional features and support.
  • Performance SLAs for thorough testing.
  • Completely privacy-proof and secure applications.
  • Almost 100% crash-less performance.
  • User-friendly interface for seamless experience.
  • Functional and scalable app
  • Cloud team dedicated to a client project.

In other words, to make the most of your online presence, you need to hire affordable mobile app development in India and currently, you are at the right place here! Whether you require Native App development or on the go web or Hybrid app, at Cybergys, you can hire experience app developers to build mobile applications for seamless customer experience and increased conversion rate.

Outsourcing mobile app development to India

Your business is your field of expertise – it could be a law firm, dentistry, an eCommerce store, or anything else. However, every business house cannot have software engineers in their office, can they? Cybergys is your outsourcing partner for mobile app development that assures you multi-functional applications developed with experience and expertise, meeting performance SLAs and timelines with free maintenance for the first year.

Here’s how outsourcing app development to India can help you design value differentiation, streamline operations, improve customer retention in this hyper competitive marketplace, via a high-performance mobile app. Integrations would include a lot of things like audio/video live streaming, XMPP chat server, custom APIs, payment gateway, etc.!   

  • Scope of creatively featured apps.
  • Affordable support service.
  • Control over data for security & privacy.
  • Multi-management of integral processes.
  • Native app with customizable solution design.

iOS app development company in India

iOS mobile app is inevitable and our mobile experts here at Cybergys are well equipped with all that’s needed for developing a high-end application that runs smoothly on iPhones, iPads, or your iPod Touch. We use the latest version of macOS, Xcode and feature-rich APIs and libraries to implement cloud-based services – our engineers are on top of every task, deploying every security and compliance which not only reduce complexity but are also scalable, until the app is published on the Apple store!

Android app development in India

Today, Android powers over 2 billion mobile devices across the globe and India is certainly the global android app development hub, and we, at Cybergys, can boast of a customized app development portfolio from healthcare, hospitality industry, B2C and B2B undertakings, education to logistics, and a lot more. Android has changed ever since its creation in 2008 and our developers expertise in building error-free and tested apps that run on versatile devices.   

Mobile app development cost in India

Well, mobile app development costs in India depend upon several factors. It depends upon the platform being used, the number of features and functionalities added, design, maintenance cost, and a lot more. Which are the ones that are to be included in your mobile app? Profile locking with a password, texting and chatting facility, different payment channels, songs, photos, and/or videos within the app, location pining options (map settings), updates and notifications, and a strict login process? These are only a few examples of the varied attributes and elements that can be added to your android or iOS app. The costs, quite obviously, rest upon the bells and whistles of your app!