Digital Marketing

Affordable digital marketing India

Looking for affordable digital marketing in India? Digital marketing is inevitable for the success of any business. It involves everything – SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing, email campaigns, and a lot more. Whether you are a startup or a company, planning to launch a new product or a new service, digital marketing will help you find the efficacy of your venture.

Digital marketing is almost the A-to-Z of marketing today and site optimization, whether on-page or off-page is an integral part of affordable digital marketing. For beginners, here’s how we put it – making your web pages attractive to the search engines!

Outsource SEO services

SEO is a continuous task. Agreed? So, the overhead costs go high when you are doing SEO in-house for your business! Outsourcing SEO services, makes it cost-efficient as you not only save on recruiting and training but also on infrastructure (buying the marketing tools) to implement the SEO strategies.

Google Analytics reports gives insight into your business, helps decide on strategies and channels to drive more traffic, and impact positively upon the conversion rates! At Cybergys, we use the latest machine learning technology and tools for analyzing keywords, backlinks of competitors while optimizing web pages in accordance with the latest Google update.

To amalgamate a few SEO tactics that are used by our experts at Cybergys are –

  • Keyword Targeting – Whether it is Organic SEO or Local SEO or PPC, every campaign starts with in-depth keyword research
  • Link Building – Increasing the quality and quantity of inbound links on your website
  • Content Marketing – Updating your old website contents with longtail keywords so that the content is more likely to appear in the featured snippets section
  • Blogging – “fresh content = fresh indexing”. Yes, we implement that in our strategy as well.

Benefits of digital marketing

The power of having a strong online presence is key for brand awareness, building customer loyalty and of course increased conversion rate.

However, one of the pivotal benefits of digital marketing is enhancing user experience of your customers, whether it is on social platforms or the website itself. Regular on-page SEO checks like responsiveness, the page loading speed, easy navigation, broken links, and addition of fresh content etc. are a part of the everyday routine of our digital marketers!

So, here’s what you benefit from our digital marketing strategies – you can reach your target customers, understand their behavior patterns, track the performance of all your campaigns and business strategies, and most importantly, make changes (to the ads and campaigns) on the go!

Small business digital marketing

Let’s say you have started as a small entity in the eCommerce world. Small business digital marketing ensures increase in visibility of your website on the search engines as well as in your locality and across the globe. Right? So, here is how digital marketing can help you expand your business. Find out your competitors and their strategies and try to apply something better via helpful content, link from authority sites, target keywords for Google, FB and YouTube ads etc. That’s how your target audience reaches you and that’s how you find them!

But are these possible with the in-house staff strength that you’ve started with? An outsourced digital marketing service would probably be your best resort. Besides being cost-effective, here’s why you’d achieve with our digital marketing team at Cybergys…

  • A real-time customer response mechanism.
  • Better ROI (from SMM, SEO, PPC, email, and content marketing) compared to that of traditional advertising.
  • Generate leads and a positive conversion rate too in much lesser time.
  • Reports from GA and other SEO tools to implement newer business strategies