Back office solutions

Affordable customer service outsourcing in India

“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Teddy Roosevelt

Customer service plays a vital role in a business! While you concentrate on the sales figures, and key factors to expand your business, the part of delivering exceptional experience to your customers can be managed by trained experts! You do not have to spend your time and resources as well as invest office space and go headhunting for 24*7 customer support professionals,  instead, opting for affordable customer service outsourcing in India is the need of the hour, especially, when your business is a start-up or an expanding unit!

You might be depending upon a small staff strength that needs to concentrate more on the core marketing roles. However, retail and eCommerce businesses require 24*7 customer support and prompt replies across multiple channels like mails, phone calls, text messages, and live chats. So, when you outsource customer service to India, you reduce the response time , which of course, makes a positive impression, while accurate and professional interaction goes a long way in providing exceptional customer experience! That’s the simple concept of customer service outsourcing, you get a professional team which is passionate about its role and truly care for your customers.

Ecommerce customer service

Do you need varied skills for your eCommerce service management? Applying some photoshop skills to upgrade product images and optimizing their titles and descriptions with high-ranking keywords are essential to run your online store! In between order placing and shipment of orders, tracking and vendor follow-ups are a must.

When you outsource eCommerce order management, handling tickets, processing return requests and managing refunds, listing QC, etc. you have professionals with expertise in their respective field for your task! This is only a nutshell of the back-office tasks that are handled by our team at Cybergys, that too, at a much lesser expense!

Offshore outsourcing

Why outsource your business process to another land that’s thousands of miles away? Equal expertise, lower labour costs and flexible staffing – that’s the whole purpose of offshore outsourcing. When the orders are more, upscaling is not an issue and if the sales are down, you pay only for the hours worked instead of a fixed monthly revenue,  and the hourly rate is only a fraction of what you’d pay for services closer to home. Thus, you save your labor costs hugely!

Well, now that is not the only reason, offshore outsourcing caters to a lot more. Most significantly, you can invest all your time and resources in the core business tasks.

Benefits of Outsourcing

While you have set your mind to kickstart a new eCommerce enterprise, it is neither required nor feasible to have all the expertise within your in-house team. By expertise, we mean, both the technological know-how and the everyday consumer interactions that go hand in hand to keep your business rolling. You, therefore, decide upon outsourcing your business’s processes. And here are a few golden opportunities that outsourcing creates for your business –

An enhanced customer satisfaction – A quicker and better response to customers not only helps retain them but adds to the conversion rates through word-of-mouth marketing.

Need skilled professionals – You can choose to outsource a lot of things to Cybergys. Development and designing of the online store, SEO, sales and other promotions, order fulfillment, and so on to maximize the ROI!

Increasing your reach – Like we said that you can vest a lot of your business processes on us and work on expanding your business across borders and into different time zones? Call center outsourcing, in such a scenario, happens to be your best bet!

Outsourcing contract

When you outsource business services, you need to first sign a outsourcing contract. The agreement would have detailed inclusions like service descriptions, deliverables, a structured payment schedule, terms & conditions of both parties, insurance details, inspection clauses, and everything else that’s needed to retain the rights and interests of both the parties.

We understand that we are an extension of your company and partner with you to sternly abide by a no-disclosure policy to any third party on deliverables like designs, drawing, modules, innovations, marketing plans, pricing patterns, and everything else that could otherwise be a cause of concern for you.

The sole purpose of outsourcing is ‘money-saving’.